The Odorless Ferret - Internet Survey 1998

My name is Elizabeth Schillo and I am a sophomore in High School involved in a Science Fair project that I have continued for two years. This project is designed to discover ways to make living with a ferret more odor free. In my experience, I have found these critters to be charming and lovable but offensive to other members of my family.

Therefore, I have undertaken the huge task of trying to find a way to make the ferret's odor less offensive to others without having to bathe them as often as we do ourselves! To assist me, I am requesting help from as many ferret owners as possible. Please take a moment and fill out the following questionnaire, then mail or email it to me at the address below.

1. Is your ferret(s):  ___ male   ___female

2. How old is your ferret?  ______

3. What kind of ferret do you have?  _____________________________

4. Is your ferret: ___ spayed   ___ neutered   ___ de-scented

5. What kind of bedding does your ferret use? ______________________

6. Does the environment the ferret is in stay the same all year round?
      ___ Yes     ___ No
   Does the temperature stay the same in the environment? ___ Yes  ___ No

7. Have you used a variety of foods?  ___ Yes   ___ No
    If yes, have you noticed the odor to change as the food is changed?
     ___ Yes   ___ No

8. What is the best type of shampoo you recommend to use on a ferret
   that will decrease the odor?  ____________________________

9. If you have more than one ferret, both male and female, have you
   noticed a stronger odor at various times of the year?
     ___ Yes   ___ No

10. Do you have any recommendations to reduce the odor of a ferret?



Thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.

If you are willing to respond to other questions as the project
continues, or receive the results please add your e-mail address.


Elizabeth Schillo
2306 Wallington Drive
Albany, GA 31707